How to Market Your House to Younger Buyers. Here’s What Young Professionals Are Looking For In Homes Today

Buyers who are young, want to purchase houses that don’t need any work done to them, neither structural, nor cosmetic. They want to be able to move in their personal belongings, and furniture and be ready to go. When you are selling a house, you should realize that this demographic is likely who will be coming to view to your home. Therefore, you’re going to want to appeal to their tastes if you want to sell your house. Below are things that young buyers want in a home today. See: Why Millennials are Better at Home Buying Than You.

They want brand new kitchen and brand new bathroom fixtures and hardware. One of the reasons is that they usually have smaller budgets. Baths and the kitchen are the priciest parts of a house you can update. They usually don’t have the money to fix these rooms. Therefore, they want them to be ready.

Buyers also tend to flock to homes that have open floor plans. Especially an open kitchen. They definitely prefer open floor plans to compartmentalized homes. They also love a good home office. Hopefully yours is spacious. Younger professionals work a lot these days, and many work from home. Either way, they typically will want an office to work in at home.

It goes without question that younger buyers want a house in a good location. If your home isn’t in the safest area, this isn’t something you can do anything about, unfortunately. Either way, buyers also know that certain places have higher monthly utility bills than others. They’ve learned this from renting over the years. They also want to buy a house that is closer to the bus line, or subway, etc. They don’t usually like to be in secluded areas away from mainstream transportation. 

Buyers want houses with features that don’t take lots of work to maintain. Obviously, this rules out carpet and fake countertops. They prefer hardwood floors and granite or marble countertops in the bathrooms and in the kitchen.

With energy costs on the rise and growing interest in protecting the environment, young buyers are conscious of buying homes that are geared toward helping the environment. Not to mention the fact that it lowers their bills, which they are well aware of.

Young buyers tend to forget to include some things into their budget, especially when looking at condominiums or town homes. They usually think they can afford the property itself, but they do often forget to calculate in the Homeowner’s Association fees.

When it comes to condo buildings, younger buyers are looking for properties with no special assessments. They want to maximize their monthly housing budget by finding a property with low monthly assessments. Know that most young adults begin searching for houses online. It’s important that your listing has great pictures or else they won’t even look at it. For further reading, see Millennials, Here’s What Your First Home Might Look Like.

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  1. This article really hit the nail on the head. This definitely is what younger buyers are looking for today. We love light, granite counter tops, outlets installed in the main rooms where a TV would go (many homes come now, with the outlet above the fireplace, for example). There really are too many reasons. They’re better than older homes because we know when we buy them that nothing will go (seriously) wrong for a long time. We feel “safer” in a new home.


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